Ampeleon Venue

Ampeleon Venue stands on a natural scenic terrace with spectacular views. The 1900m2 location is brimming with serenity, class, sophistication and a flawlessly designed surrounding area, to organize any special event of yours. Further on, an extremely picturesque little church awaits you for your wedding ceremony or the christening of your child. Ampeleon Venue is the place where you can feel the refined grandeur but with the warmth and friendly way of our team.

Getting Here

A true getaway but in a convenient location just a short drive away from Larnaka and just 20 minutes away from Nicosia, Ampeleon Venue gives you the advantage of enjoying your event in a nature-surrounded setting. This will be your totally private estate for one day (or more if you wish!) to welcome your friends, family or colleagues and spend with them an event that will be cherished for life.


The reception hall stands in a beautiful multi-purpose building with a glass façade so that it can easily be transformed from an indoor hall to an open outdoor venue, according to your wishes and the weather conditions, helping you not to worry about anything.

Panayia ton Ampelion Chapel

The small chapel of Panagia Ampelion is right next to our venue if you wish to do the wedding ceremony or the christening in this peaceful scenery. Panagia is known with the double name of “Ampelion” from the many vines that used to exist in the area and “Aimatousa” from the tradition that wants Panagia to heal bleeding women.

Venue Specs

Indoor facility 100 seated people or 600 standing
Indoor with Outdoor facility 550 seated people and 1000 standing
Church Panagia Ton Ampelion
Parking Parking of 65 cars within the estate
Working period Throughout the year
Disabled people Easy access for people with disabilities

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